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  • Be careful!

  • Because of prohibition, ketamine is difficult to obtain, and people often sell counterfeit drugs as ketamine. Sometimes these are other dissociative drugs such as methoxetamine (MXE), deschloroketamine (DCK), 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (2-FDCK) or 3-MeO-PCP, which can have quite different effects, onset times and duration. Sometimes they aren’t dissociatives at all. A white powder could be anything. Always test your drugs before you consume them. (https://dancesafe.org/ sells testing kits online and at the booth that can positively identify ketamine.)

    Ketamine is extremely dangerous to combine with central nervous system (CNS) depressants like alcohol, benzos or GHB.
    Ketamine has a moderate addiction potential. The dissociative effect can cause psychological dependence.
    Frequent use can cause disruptions in consciousness and lead to neuroses or other mental disorders.
    Long-term use of ketamine has also been linked to kidney and bladder damage.
    Do not try to walk on high doses of ketamine. You may not be seeing what is actually in front of you. Many people have fallen and injured themselves.

    Never use ketamine alone. Always have a “sitter” when taking high doses (someone sober whose job it is to watch over you during the experience). People have died after taking high doses of ketamine when their breathing passage became obstructed.
    Entering a K-hole can be an interesting experience, but it is not something to do in a public setting. If you want to enter a K-hole, do it with a close friend in a private setting.

    If you come across someone unconscious at a festival or party, find the medics or call 911 immediately. Put the person in the “recovery position” on their side to make sure their breathing passage is clear. If they are not breathing, begin artificial (mouth-to-mouth) respiration.
    Ketamine is illegal and possession can result in long prison terms. Supplying ketamine to someone else (whether or not money was exchanged) can carry even longer sentences.

    Be self aware! If you choose to use ketamine, knowing why is the best way to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks. Whether it’s for therapeutic, psychonautic or purely recreational purposes, conscious use is always better than unconscious use.

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