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    Yeah do not recommend DCK
  2. K is good give it ago! plenty of information out there! aswell as here 😮
  3. it got done by the looks! https://keta.info/index.php?/familymolecule/
  4. Not sure what 2fdck you have had but it is quite strong
  5. I have gotten that sick of purchasing of people id rather source elsewhere.... Can not count how many times i got ripped or the quality is that bad i might as well not buy it at all..... Most recent one, I met up with this block purchased 2g of ketamine come home to find out its weighed to 0.8 each gram.... Now at this stage i sent a photo to this block whom i have no real idea who he is only got his number of someone and met him/her some where random -_-, wasnt much i could do except wait for a reply. I got a reply saying "oh yeah i sell it as 0.8" only to have me reply a g is a g. How hard is it to be a good c#nt? He replies to me "i sell it as 0.8 so its cheaper and uncut" Now let me tell you it was cut and cut hard i could have snorted the whole lot and not have felt much at all. Ruining my night and pretty much throwing money away. EVERYONE A G IS A G....
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