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  1. I reckon your name should be superketboss
  2. I forgot to mention i have had 2fdck that was super strong im talking 0.025G would fuck you up and im not joking
  3. also forgot to mention i think it was in Australia they were trialing it though they stopped all trials because of psychiatric problems and different people react to different doses differently so it was hard to measure correct doses
  4. Honestly im not sure what to say or how to help you all i know is i have used this to help me Yes i do use it for fun but when i'm by my self and i am using it i usually play this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1QY8aAWYc4 and drift away, after it i feel a whole new me one with confidence a clear mind and ready to move on with what ever! do let us know how you go!
  5. yeah it is good some one has made a forum with information! reminds me of https://www.shroomery.org/ just abit more modern! Welcome here! ketamine s-isomer is my favorite! If you have any questions i may be able to help, it has a quicker onset and a bigger punch than the R isomer
  6. yeah im real excited to know how it goes!
  7. I have never heard of it so if you get your hands on it let us all know your experience on I 🙂
  8. It's all the same cut rubbish where I am 😕 2fdck only good alternative
  9. S Isomer is heaps better
  10. Where I am g of it is $19 and a g of k is $200
  11. This is new to me! I will be looking into this
  12. Rick


    I am also an enthusiast 😛 Good to meet you
  13. Rick


    Yeah its pretty heavy stuff
  14. How good is the feeling, taking it for personal uses such as an experience for self growth. I prefer to take this alone, so peaceful laying down closing your eyes and drifting away mind is still no thoughts going through your head just feels like world is on pause for a period of time. Coming out of the experience I fell so refreshed and happy!
  15. Rick


    There isn't a lot on the net about DCK though I have done some experimenting with it and can tell you its not something I recommend at all. DCK in its uncut form and quality its really strong, I'm talking quarter point will fuck you up. It doesn't really have any similar effects to ketamine, only one is the light head feeling apart from that its just a mind fuck you don't get that floaty feeling or the real dissociative feel. It does have some psychedelic effects mostly visual though nothing exciting. It's really is nothing like ketamine. And my opinion is its not worth trying.
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