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  1. By all means improve the chart for us.
  2. For sure I will. Its my next treat for myself.
  3. A bit like that in the UK now too tbh. Hence my interest in tiletamine increasing recently
  4. I mean if its good enough for polar bears and wood bison why not me ;) When I have a spare couple of quid to splash I plan to experiment with this one. Reports are mixed and basically unreliable because most are using a tiletamine/benzo mix designed to immobilize large game. Found a neat little chart to see the structures by comparison. https://ibb.co/F8fW6YR
  5. If priced similar it is yea.
  6. Very tempted to try this one out. So sick of cut K I refuse to buy it anymore. It didn't make much sense back when K was cheap but now it looks more promising than anything else imo
  7. 0yinbo


    pretty much I felt like this was just all of the unwanted side effects of k, for a longer period of time, with added nausea and no hole.
  8. Racemic ketamine when it was $750/kg pls lord hear my prayers
  9. A good khole is needed once in a while can't deny it
  10. This stuff lasts longer and is about 10% the strength of real racemic ketamine. Costs about the same. Pretty much a useless product. Only reason it even gets a mention is because so much k is heavily cut nowadays.
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