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  • This website is for persons 18 years or older and is for information purposes only. We do not condone the taking or supplying of illegal substances.

    Here at keta.info we supply information gathered all over the internet from legitimate sources as well as having the opportunity to have input from you guys! Our goal here is to have a safe environment to educate your self as well as talk to others about Ketamine and substances alike.

    The safest thing you can do is not do any drugs, But lets be realistic people use drugs. If you are going to use drugs be safe about it, its your choice to determine what you put in your body, but whatever you do remember to be safe and responsible with yourself and others.

  • What is Ketamine?

    Ketamine is a general anesthetic with powerful dissociative and psychedelic effects. Although more widely used on animals since its development in the1960s, ketamine has long been used on humans as well—especially in patients with respiratory or circulatory problems. More recently, the drug has been hailed as a breakthrough therapy for depression.

    Recreationally, Ketamine can be in a clear liquid form or a white crystalline powder. It can be made into tablets or capsules also. Ketamine is often swallowed, snorted, shafted (inserted anally) or injected intramuscularly. It is sometimes smoked with other substances such as cannabis or tobacco.

    Despite its benefits, ketamine remains a controlled substance in the United States and many other countries.

    Other names: Special K, K, ket, Ketty, kitkat, super k or horse trank. (There are many names for k though these are the more used ones)

  • This website is purely for self education, harm reduction and sharing your opinions and views on Ketamine

    If you have anything you would like to add or maybe like changed please contact one of the Admin / Moderators or post in the Forum

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